Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Rangefinders to Know

Questions about Rangefinders

Question: How much range should my rangefinder have?

Answer: The answer depends on the purpose of your rangefinder and your own requirements. For bow hunting, 100 yards is more than enough. On the other hand, for rifle-hunting you, the range will vary widely depending on where what and how you hunt and on your proficiency and style. Typically you are looking at a wide range of 200 yards to 800 yards. For golfing again, it depends on the circumstances. You can work with a rangefinder with a range of anywhere between 200 yards to 600 yards. The yardage described here is relative to dark trees. Do not forget to find out what the advertised yardage is relative to – specifications can vary from highly reflective surfaces to deer sized targets.

Question: How should I maintain my rangefinder?

Answer: Rangefinders require minimal maintenance. You may want to ensure the optics remain clean and the rangefinder is handled with care.

Question: I need help figuring out how to use my rangefinder. Where can I get assistance?

Answer: It is best to consult your manual. Some rangefinders may not have manuals included but need to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Question: Can I compare rangefinders?

Answer: You can check out our laser rangefinder reviews and also consult our rangefinder comparison matrix. The rangefinders on the matrix are among the top selling on Amazon.

Question: What is the best resolution for a golfer?

Answer: Firstly you can find out whether the rangefinder is designed for golfing or hunting. There are a number of poor reviews given because the buyer was using the rangefinder for the wrong purpose. For instance, if you are looking to easily find the flag on the green, you may want pin-seeker technology. Hunting rangefinders do not have this feature.

Question: What type of battery is needed?

Answer: Consult product descriptions because these may vary. Most products come with a battery included and rangefinders consume batteries gently.

Question: My rangefinder is not working according to the range specified. What can I do?

Answer: Some of the cheaper rangefinders may have quality issues. Before worrying about it, replace the battery and see if that helps. If you have been using the rangefinder for a while, an impact may have misaligned the unit. Call the manufacturer if the latter is the case.

Question: What class of laser does my rangefinder have?

Answer: All commercially available laser rangefinders are Class 1 category laser devices, as classified by the FDA.

Question: Is my laser rangefinder eye-safe?

Answer: Yes, as are all Class 1 laser devices. See answer to the question above.

Question: Can I use the laser rangefinder for a golf tournament?

Answer: Very likely, Yes. As long as they are non-slope devices, the USGA has ruled that they can be used, as long as the Committee adopts the Local Rule. Additionally, USGA Handicap System manual that scores made using distance only rangefinders are acceptable for handicap purposes.

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