Few Important Reasons for Having Laser Rangefinders

Having Laser Rangefinders

Rangefinders are used today be a large and diverse community of users. Some of the more popular user groups include rifle hunters, bow hunters, golfers, military personnel and surveyors. Each group of users has their own requirements and rangefinders appropriately target specific products for them. However, a general rangefinder can often be effective for multiple purposes, at least in its basic functionality. Let us consider the reason for owning a laser rangefinder for some of these groups.

Rifle Hunters:

Rifle hunters hunt a wide variety of game and in diverse conditions. Depending on the game, the specific environment and the style of the hunter, a rifle hunter may shoot from a variety of distances. As this distance increases, determining the range becomes critical for the hunter to shoot accurately. One may imagine a scenario where a hunter spends all day searching for game and finally gets a good shot at a particular prey. This may be the last and only shot he will get for the day. It follows that if determining the range becomes critical to the hunter in making the shot, rangefinders become a critical gear for his hunting expeditions. We all like to see ourselves efficient, effective and successful. Rangefinders help hunters do exactly that.

Another advantage of using a modern rangefinder is available with rangefinders that have a ballistic calculator to accurately account for inclines and declines in the topography. This helps hunters be even more accurate in their shooting. With bow hunters, this is an even more important feature, as we shall see in the following section.

Bow Hunters:

Bow hunters typically do not need long distance measurements as rifle hunters do. A typical bow hunter may not need a range calculation greater than 100 yards, and may not shoot over 50 yards. However, as noted earlier, calculating the angle of the shot becomes even more critical. This is particularly true for bow hunters who are shooting from a tree or some other above-ground position. Here, ballistic calculators become very important for the hunter, as knowing the direct range becomes less relevant due to the effects of gravity.

While bow hunters may tend to be more traditional and be less likely to adopt new technologies than rifle hunters, the critical importance of accurate shooting make rangefinders an attractive accessory for their hunting.


Golfers need rangefinders to accurately locate flags as well as distances to trees, bushes and various hazards and obstructions. Rangefinders are more accurate than GPS golfing devices. They also can measure any object, including hazards and obstructions mentioned earlier. GPS devices cannot typically do the same. Another advantage is that rangefinders do not require downloads of maps, nor require annual fees often associated with GPS rivals.

For those who play Extreme Golf, a cross between golf and hiking, these challenges may make rangefinders even more important.

Other Uses:

There are a wide variety of other users that use laser rangefinders. These include surveyors, military personnel, hikers, rock climbers, nature enthusiasts, builders, DIY robotics enthusiasts and more.

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